A friend of mine posted a quote that I liked: “Some people are born on third base and go through life thinking they hit a triple.” By Barry Switzer.

There’s so much more to this metaphor than I can possibly concisely describe. But watch how I try.

If ‘the game’ of society can be reduced to a ball game that we all ought to be working together to play and I believe it can… then there are people who are born on third base and think they made it home every time all on their own efforts. There are people whose parents worked hard and were able to give them a good pitch. There are people who were able to turn around a really bad inning with some help to set them up for an easy pitch that not everyone gets. There are people who had a good pitch given to them and then have gone on to hit every ball because they work hard. There’s people who struck out even though their parents gave them a good pitch and that good pitch was the only one they were ever going to get…

But beyond that you can still get tagged out. You can run on a fly ball, you can drop your foot from the base without meaning to. You can still fuck it up… and maybe you fuck it up bad enough to spend some time in the outfield… maybe you raise your kids there and try to give them all the skills that you were given so they can get back in the game…. maybe you forget how to play because you spend so much time there.

This baseball metaphor works for me. But the important part is that we’re all TOLD we’re playing baseball. Even if the world is ‘geared’ for the middle class, those from the upper class have an easier time moving within it. They are the best set up for success… they’re not playing baseball. They’re playing T-Ball. And they’re superb at it! How could they not be? There are many people composing whatever I think the upper class is who are WORKING HARD at their T-Ball game and getting far as T-Ball superstars… BUT MOST OF THEM STILL THINK THEY’RE PLAYING BASEBALL STILL. We’re all told we’re playing baseball and that striking out is a possibility…. and sure. Some of them do strike out.

In the middle class you can strike out easier still. And I think this is why they look on at the T-Ball players when they strike out with sympathy… they know what it’s like to strike out… just not while playing T-Ball. They’d like the same level of sympathy extended to them though… because they’re a valuable player they swear… not like those weird people who seem to be doing UFC in the outfield that always strike out whenever they get called in to play.

And in the outfield? The lower classes and criminal underclasses. Well… we were told we’re playing baseball but we really haven’t seen the ball in a long time… in fact, every time we actually get the ball while we’re out here in left field we dutifully throw it back but everyone who is hitting the ball seems to be hitting it out of the park and it never really comes back… (get it? Because when the rich get money it goes in their bank account never to be seen from again? Haha. Classic trickle-down theory. So great.) But so if we could get the ball that’d be great… but we kind of started playing our own game where we hit each other because we never get the ball anyway.

And when we get the ball? Well we can dream and we can try but we’ve never really played baseball and our parents maybe didn’t tell us any tricks on how to play this game and none of the information in school really made sense because we’re definitely doing some sort of UFC out here… so we may not hit the ball that far. We may not hit the ball. We strike out a lot when we get up to play because we never had the practice….

Its more than a ball game. It’s a mind game.