It’s looking like I’m going to be transitioning to a homeless shelter likely at the end of the summer.

I don’t want to do this but it isn’t looking like there’s going to be anything else beyond couch surfing that I can do. It means a number of things.

I need to go through my clothes and really get rid of most of it. It’s possible I can store some things. Hopefully my bed and aerial hoop.
I need to go through my files and get rid of anything that isn’t pertinent to my situation now.
I need to go through my things that are decorations and other stuff for ‘housing’ and either get rid of it or store it.
I need to store my tent and camping things and art supplies that I don’t want immediately on me.
I need to separate my smoking.
I need to condense my circus props and chose what I have on me all the time and what I have at Karina’s. Glass to Karina’s. Costumes to store here.


Apparently the psychiatrist you get is the one you get and you can’t even wait for another one because that’s the one you get. I’d rather die than see him again but I’m going to have to. So I wonder if it just means that I have to kill myself.

Or if I decide to live….