My bike, when I lived in that one room apartment. I miss that stuff like… a lot. Most of it’s under my mother’s stairs at the moment. Someday.

My bike is one of my prized possessions. It’s a really fancy road bike that goes fast and rides smooth. We’ve been together for nine years and I love it dearly.

Over the years it’s had some upgrades. I generally try to do whatever I can to make it look undesirable but I’ll never be able to actually do that. Because it’s a rad bike. Most recently I strung some bells on it. So that if someone hits me it is super jolly. :O11960209_10153178032636247_8841232871923362172_n
But really. I like riding and I haven’t really ridden since I moved back where I’m living. It’s been icy… but that ceased being an excuse more than a few days ago. I’m just being lazy now.

As of the past ten minutes I’ve become fixated on the idea it needs a tune up (which it does) but that shouldn’t be a reason not to ride it either.

And really I could probably do a tune up or bribe a friend with offer of massage or other trade to tune it up for me. … I have means.

So. My glorious bike. I used to put a tuperware on the back and bike our empties to the bottle depot. To do this I drilled holes in the bottom of our ’empties bin’ which was really a decent storage bin. I’m terribly wasteful when I’m being ingenious sometimes. But after that it was a simple affair with zap straps to get something pretty stable going. The back rack on the bike has never been properly stable… but it’s always been stable enough.

My bike making a feature behind costume photos. I was sad when we retired that hat. 
Another lifetime ago, it was a decently set up bike. I’ve since lost the fenders. 
Lookin’ fine bike. The red tire was nice but short lived in the grand scheme of things.
Doing what it does best. 
An early carrying method… it was a basket held on with hanger wire. 
First picture of my beauty. 2008.