I have a fairly specific world view, and I’ve long ago learned that finding people who have the same hobbies or beliefs or who come from a similar life circumstance as I have DOES NOT a great match make… unless their reasons for their beliefs are similar to my own and they have internalized their life circumstances in a similar way to the way I have.

And so I have a long list of bench mark things I seek that I have found often ensure my life is full of people who cherish what I cherish and who are against what I’m against. Echo chamber for the win. My benchmarks are equations.

Intellectualism divided by devil’s advocacy squared by contextual understandings of life’s complexity all multiplied by empathy.

Class circumstance multiplied by awareness of luck divided by class history all squared by class awareness.

Communication ability multiplied by (trauma squared by personal work done to overcome trauma)

Respect of friends/family divided by respect of strangers. Respect here is simply respecting their humanity and trying not to fuck with people. The aim here is to be as close to one as possible.

And then I try and consider what their standard deviation is.

If I consider the standard deviation of a person to be their ‘weirdness’, (and I do) then I seek people with a high degree of standard deviation (from the ‘norm’).