As I mentioned previously… I’ve been watching too many space documentaries.

If we consider ourselves as a planet within a wider star system (our interrelational system) that operates within a galaxy (society)… well. Lets give it a go.

I have a complex system. I’m a small planet that experienced a huge cataclysm in it’s native binary star system. One of my suns went supernova and now exists as a shadow of itself consuming everything within reach. The other has avoided being consumed through sheer force of will and I can’t help it. They’re both radiating deadly radiation. The event pushed me far away and for a while I was a dark sunless orphan planet moving through space. It damaged my personal capabilities to solve problems and deal with life… in a sense my world stopped turning. My magnetic sphere, generated from within designed to protect me were failing…Earth Magnetic Field ProtectionThe space metaphor is pretty dire but luckily I’m a human that can hopefully grow my own internal combustions and begin shining like the star I am so that I can exist within my galaxy properly. As I probably should. But let’s continue the metaphor.

Because this is a wibbly wobbly metaphor ramble, we can imagine all of ourselves as a wee little system, the brightest stars in our life might be dwarf stars in someone else’s life. They might occupy your work system which is a relatively contained sphere from which you can only see them… but each person in your life has a system of their own, maybe you know some of it, maybe you don’t.

Right now I’m currently experiencing the gravity of a bright ass awesome star that’s holding me in place within the universe hopefully to give me time to get my shine on so I can start my system. I think this person is amazing and want to always have them on my gravitational radar but this situation is temporary and designed to get me shining with my gravitational field stable.

And then there’s all kinds of wonderful stars that seem so dim from where I am, burning brightly in their own systems. How they used to seem so close, I can’t say. This is the nature of the great cataclysm. When I was flung into space, its like I moved out of range of most of the people I considered friends or family. Once I start shining, I’ll have a gravitational field of my own that will make the distance seem so much less far because my influence will be greater. comet_west

There’s amazing people that act as comets (though they themselves are stars with a system of their own) in my system.

They come around every once in a while burning brightly and leaving a streak of colour and wonder in my life.

I exist as a comet and as a planet and possibly as a star and maybe someday I will be the galaxy itself. Maybe we’re all the galaxy.