You know as a teenager there is something wrong with you.

Everyone thinks there’s something wrong with them as a teen. You are told this.

You reach adulthood and still feel deeply like something is wrong.

You have no idea what a stable situation is. You realize this by routinely finding yourself in unstable situations.

You realize you have no idea what healthy boundaries are as you piece together that the people you had good experiences with had excellent boundaries and the people you did not have good experiences with had boundaries like yours.

You move across from a school yard at the age of 24 and realize that the sounds of happy children are deeply psychologically distressing to you.

You realize almost everything you think is acceptable in an intimate relationship isn’t.

You start trying to figure it all out.

Your life falls apart.

Maybe you die. Having failed to realize what was going on your whole life. Slow poke.


A cruel joke from the universe.