This is a concept heavy post that involves very little real research or external links to get you to other connecting concepts and or more information. (Maybe I lied a little there. Lets find out together.)

This is a feeling that I have. A dream of mine and nightmare all in the same time.

It requires a set of assumptions that I shall state now:

  • North America is a capitalist society in the late stages of capitalism. We have reached a level of commodification and transfer of our labour for the means with which to survive and make a life that it has a long list of harms that are inflicted upon the citizens enduring this toxic societal organization. And it doesn’t need to be that way.
  • Corporations make massive amounts of money in our society. Technically the people that run them don’t, it is the corporation that makes the money but they totally make tons of money in bonuses and other things even if their ‘salary’ is ‘low’. What? You only got paid 360,000 dollars that year? I guess the state will tax you at that rate. Oh. You used a million dollars for ‘work expenses’? Our society creates loopholes that are meant to help small businesses that actually help big businesses. We enshrine the idea that the corporation is accountable to its shareholders and thus somehow actually accountable… We trust corporations with our land, our wildlife and in many cases, our livelihoods which  might be built off the land or our wildlife… and they repeatedly break our trust… because we are not their shareholders. Their shareholders are elsewhere reaping the benefits of the corporation.

It is my position that our political system reflects this in a major way. In Canada, there isn’t a political party where if the party leader doesn’t like you for ANY REASON they can tell their local constituency organization that they chose wrong and to chose again when they nominate their chosen representative. Because our MPs and MLAs-all of them to different degrees- need to toe the party line.

There’s a lot of reasons I hate this but the primary one is that I think it does irreparable damage to the nature of democracy in Canada and moves us away from a system of cooperation despite and though difference towards a more American dissolution of society based on irreconcilable differences.

When a political party leader who is running in my riding who is part of a party I feel is diametrically opposed to my lifestyle gets elected… it’s their DAMNED JOB TO FUCKING REPRESENT ME. If their party line toeing gets in the way of that… I can’t trust them because they aren’t working for me. They’re working for their party.

I feel the opposite must be true when my chosen political leaders get elected for the people who view their message of accepting my lifestyles as an attack on their own. Maybe in a righteous world where justice is real I could trust that their politician would actually advocate for me. But we don’t live in that world.

The citizens are a politicians shareholders. They’re elected to represent all of them… not just the ones that voted for them. But I believe that the thread of corporatization in our society has woven itself into our politics in a way that may not be able to be undone without serious changes to the way we run politics.

We need more local involvement. But our society is organized in such a way that people don’t have the time or energy for it… who benefits? The people who have the time and energy and money to do it within the current system.

How do we move forward? Do we just FIND the time and energy and try anyway?

I don’t know how to do that.

Let’s leave off some Jonathan Coulton to correct the bad feels brought up by excessive thinking.