There’s been a plethora of writing on millenials and other generations and how much they hate us and we hate ourselves and rah rah rah rah.

What I would add is that it is my not-so-secret suspicion that other generations hate millenials because of the propensity for millenials to have skookum healthy boundaries and YOUNG. I’m in that list now but I wasn’t always. So it’s important for me to acknowledge that not all millenials have healthy boundaries and not all people of other generations struggled to gain them.

But lets just try to imagine the privilege required to have healthy boundaries as a woman, POC, POC woman, or disabled person in say… the 1950s. Your combined efforts with all the other people fighting for change brought about the 1960s and 70s. And then there’s these kids riding on your coat-tails and following through on the benefit of having healthy boundaries you could only have dreamed of at their age.

Or worse. Imagine being a person who never learned healthy boundaries. Imagine if some of your best successes came at some horrible personal cost that you just ATE and now you think that’s how living really is supposed to be. These millenial brats bitching and whining might seem like squalling babies.

Sounds kind of frustrating right?

So. That’s my theory.