I can usually tell when I need a break from facebook when I find myself logging on looking for a fight that my mental health is sliding. Through the years I have looked for and found a way to just thrash people in the mud that is mildly positive… which involves baiting lefty people into treating me like I’m a right winger and then turning it into how they can’t have a reasonable discussion due to the fact they can’t tell who they are arguing with due to the highly specific discourse they engage in.

We all find joy in different ways but that’s not healthy… it basically perpetuates my giant fear that the left is in deep trouble because of the entrenchedness of their members attempting to make change on the ground and I have enough neurons to rub together and figure out there has to be another way and that this is a sign of my poor health.

What this involves first and foremost is taking a break.

This break of facebook I have uninstalled messenger and facebook from my phone which is the main thing I look at facebook on and I won’t be looking at it on the computer. There are groups that I’ve looked at facebook on the browser on my phone for and I think that’s going to continue. The reason that I’m keeping the account open and will reinstall messenger soonish is because I’m … in contact with a lot of people on facebook and only in contact with them on facebook.

I have outlined some guidelines how I want to reengage with facebook.

  • The next post I make will be me in a god damned car.
  • After that I’ll be doing live posts on what I’m doing and otherwise posting DONE articles. No ranting. No bitching.
  • I will make thoughtful sensitive comments and try to avoid facebook if I am triggered or upset.

:/ Sigh.