As a young child: Your parent is benevolent god. You are sussing out how to interact with them and too young to realize that the system by which you operate your life is quite randomly based on the adult stresses your parent is dealing with.

As a teenager: You’ve been around the block a few times and are beginning to understand other families don’t operate the way yours does.

Denial: This stage might last forever. Highly influenced by moving out and leaving the family situation and glorifying old pleasant memories.

Early twenties: While other people are getting help from their parents to continue, pursue or finish schooling, you’re finding that your peers are lapping you while you do half time studies half time working.

Late twenties: You had to drop out of college when you couldn’t afford it anymore and have felt the pain of trying to maintain a life and pursue a university degree having neither. As you become the age your parents were at any given time during your childhood you realize that the cognitive dissonance required to spazz out and coat the kitchen in chinese food because you dropped it on the way in the house is actually just crazy. And despicable.

I’m still working on the others.

I’m assuming my contempt is only ever going to grow and I’m stuck in this place of anger and rage and helplessness.