I’ve learned I don’t think through as well when I write by hand versus on a keyboard. I can type faster. I can reread my sentences better. I can correct my words in real time without making an ugly scratch out. I feel like my power of my brain is extended beyond my fingertips.

It appalls me I left this seemingly very necessary thing for me so long while I was doing other things that were important for survival. My priorities are silly. And really, I survived. I could have worked on writing essays by hand if I had planned out my topics better and used google drive; which can be accessed from my phone, a bit more. Hell. This blog can be accessed from my phone.

My thought process doesn’t work well to type out large things on a phone. I do much better when I can see more than three lines of text. I get distracted and tired of writing. My points become emotional and convoluted. I get angry.

With a computer I feel so much more whole, even a computer that does this:


Pro tip: don’t store your juggling rings with your laptop.

Even still. I am so overjoyed to have this working.