Boundaries – Realearning what to do when your boundaries are crossed.
Knowledge creation comes from the perspective of the person creating it.
Having enough privilege to not be a total fuck up
Yes. We fuck ups are disadvantaged but its not up to the world to change for us
Structural violence in our society
No one gets out unscathed – childhood and parenting
Intrapersonal: Definitions (Existing or occurring within the individual self or mind.)
Non-engagement, holding the space, non-resistance
Abuse, emotional abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse, verbal abuse.
Trauma – Sort of covered but not well enough yet. 
Loneliness – It was so bad but when my needs were met it was ok! …. not really.
Staying in situations you cannot tolerate longer than you can handle.
Narcissism: you can’t diagnose it.
Violent communication
Dealing with children as a survivor of childhood abuse
Dealing with survivors of childhood abuse
Dealing with yourself
Agency. Personal agency.
Why I love Steven Universe and its ilk
Reality as dictated to someone else’s convenience
Differing realities
Comparing yourself to others
“toxic people” and being told how to deal with people without context
What if your parents might have gotten carried away?
Being right
What is easy for you might not be easy for others
Advocating for a different world
Rhetoric for radicals

Updated as I get mad about stuff, remember things and think thinky thoughts:

  • Why I hate the statement “Its not my job to educate you.” Taking a good thing and making it a bad thing

People who are abuse survivors; or otherwise educated about behaviour and emotions, can often be some of the worst actors in a conflict. If we acknowledge that the coping skills we learned towards ourselves are unhealthy. We must acknowledge that our coping skills with others might not be perfect too.


When we are not behaving healthily. It is almost impossible for other people to treat us healthily. Even if they want to. Boundaries. Communication. Acceptance of our needs.


The kind of help people ask for vs the kind of help we give. Feeling put out after doing ‘so much for someone’, and having had them never realize it was a strain on you until you needed something. Feeling put upon when someone has done a lot of things you never asked for but appreciated but now expects you to do something that metaphorically pays it all back. This is no way to be.


Another kind of appropriation: appropriating ideals of the left to bully and harass people because that’s what makes you feel big. .